20 September 2013

SDCC: Becoming Brienne & Taking the Iron Throne... again!

Game of Thrones tweeted out that they would have a special event happening during Comic Con so I decided to go check it out, I wasn't quite sure what was going on there and almost missed the building had I not spotted the people sitting outside sketching portraits.

There were four pictures you characters you could chose to get your face sketched on to Kraznys about to get blasted from a Dragon, Tormund Giantsbane climbing the wall, Beric Dondarrion fighting The Hound, and Brienne and the Bear, I of course chose my girl Brienne.

If you follow Game of Thrones on Instagram you'll know that they love their Funko figures so they had them on display for people to instagram and caption to win an iPad, I kept forgetting to do this or would miss the daily cut off time for entries so no iPad for me *sigh*

The Iron Throne was there for people to take photos on and as I'd already taken a pretty awesome photo on it in Belfast I wasn't going to bother but I thought what the hell I have time so lets have some fun, so I present to you THE QUEEN IN THE NORTH!!!

You could get your own house tee printed there for free which I thought was an awesome idea so I got one for me and went back later and got one for The Dad but after my visit on Friday the place got kinda busy so so I didn't manage to get anymore free tees but I did pick up this awesome Game of Thrones iPhone skin.

As well as free stuff they also had some sneak peaks of future Game of Thrones merchandise as well as the infamous Blackwater Bay game I sucked so badly at in Belfast but this time I got full marks so screw you Joffrey!

On our way to get more free swag from there on Sunday we noticed a familiar face getting interviewed outside SAMWELL TARLEY! This was my second random encounter with a Game of Thrones cast member and in the same area as last time, anyway he was kinda busy doing his thing but as we were going in and he was leaving I managed to poke my head around the door and give him a little wave and he recognised me and gave me a smile and a wave back.

So that was pretty much my whole Game of Thrones experience at Comic Con, I came, I saw and I godamn conquered! I still can't believe how lucky I was to meet these guys and I think I quite possibly have an even bigger obsession with the show. Comic Con was crazy but it was so much fun I only hope I can go again some time in the future and that it will be just as amazing a time as this years was.

Next time drunk fangirling at the Supernatural Nerd HQ panel
Bear Hugs & Swords

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