05 September 2013

9 Glorious Game of Thrones Inspired Tees

You guys probably already know I'm kinda obsessed with Game of Thrones and for a long time there was hardly any great Game of Thrones clothing about but now it has a HUGE fan following there are so many awesome designs available to buy that I had to share a handful of my favourites.

Daenerys is not one my favourite characters (say what!?) but there is no denying her fierceness and if this design is one thing it's fierce! Dany looks like a true Khaleesi perched atop that dragon skull it's beautiful, I'm definitely "Team Wolf" but I would happily support "Team Dragon" wearing this.

I love this design so much I could not resist and bought it, the glow-in-the-dark details totally sold me and I love creeping around at night wearing this plus it features my two favourite things from Game of Thrones Jon Snow and Ghost 

Win or Die
A design that uses the house sigils in an inventive way is always going to be a winner in my book. Quite a lot of Game of Thrones designs can be dark so I love the use of colour in this one, how many different houses can you spot?

There seems to be quite a few Game of Thrones beer label designs out there but this was one of the first that caught my eye because it features my favourite and most awesome Direwolf Ghost and even better the most badass sword ever Longclaw, if this was a real drink it would definitely be my favourite!

Khaleesi Heart Cream!
I just love those cute designs gone bad and this is has to be one of them, look how kawaii Daenerys is munching on her oooey gooey horse heart, this definitely appeals to both my cute and morbid side, I love it.

Throne Fighter
I saw a dude wearing this shirt at Comic Con so I had to look up where he got it from and I'm so glad I did as I found this amazing design which I love, not only does it feature Ghost it even has Syrio Forel on it I mean how could I not love it?

Seeing this for the first time you'd be forgiven for not noticing the Game of Thrones reference but I love the subtlety. This is such a  clever creative design taking traditional playing cards and mixing them with the house sigils to represent the war of the Kings (and Khaleesi), I'd love to get this printed or embroidered on a skirt of something.

Art Nouveau Game of Thrones
Art Nouveau designs are my weakness but what I love most about this one is that it features so many house sigils not just the the main houses of Stark, Lannister and Targaryen, even the Dothraki get a feature on this even though they don't really have an official house sigil.

Night's Watch Crows
Another one from Liquidsouldes but I seriously love his designs and would buy every single one if I could but I had to feature this one to as I love my Night's Watch boys, it's such a cool design that I'm tempted to paint it on my next leather jacket.

Dragons & Direwolves

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