21 April 2013

Bye, Bye Google Reader

Some of you may not already know but Google Reader is soon to become a relic of internets past much like the recently parted MSN Messenger (R.I.P.) but don't worry as there are alternative ways you can catch up on my latest blog posts.

Bloglovin' is pretty much the new Google Reader and in just one easy click you can import all your old reader feeds into it. Bloglovin' is also a great place to find new bloggers and most of the blogs I currently follow are happy discoveries found via them.

If you haven't already liked me on Facebook then go do it, not only do you get updates on when new posts go up but also updates on my Etsy and Storenvy shops as well as sneak peeks from my Instagram feed.

Twitter is probably the best way you can keep up to date with me as I always post important information and updates there first as well as chatting with people, posting pictures and generally talking nonsense, so be sure to follow me!

Love & Cupcakes

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