26 January 2013

Be My Valentine...

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to cover yourself in all things heart shaped and I'm absolutely loving all the gorgeous love themed items being sold in stores. I've been on the hunt for a great red dress for a long time and after browsing so many I thought why not put together some outfit ideas as red dresses are perfect for a Valentine's Day date.

 Red Heart Skater Back Dress - I adore the heart cut-out in this dress and the cut of is is so feminine and flattering, this dress would certainly get a few loving stares!

 Anglomania Lady Dragon Shoes - You guys know how much I love my VW Melissa shoes, they're comfy, cute and smell like bubblegum, the perfect shoes.

 Red Rose Crown - Unlike real red roses this romantic floral crown will last you a long time after Valentine's Day and is a lot more beautiful to.

 Jane Austen Persuasion Book Purse - Admittedly I'm not really into romance novels but this is one I like really the look of, it's the ultimate romantic accessory.

 MAC Russian Red Lipstick - This is one of my absolute favourite MAC lipsticks and there's nothing sexier than a glossy red lip

 Me & Zena Bow Heart Locket Necklace - Lockets are such a classic Valentine's Day gift and I kinda love the fact that they're sweets engraved into the inside of this one, perfect for a candy addict!

 Cream and Pink Mini Hearts Jumper - This was too cute for me not to include and after all it has been snowing this week! The diamond stud detail is such an adorable little addition, you'll definitely look hugable in this.

Hearts & Roses

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