21 November 2012

Beauty Blitz: 5 November Faves

Winter is here and my skin has been feeling the effects, I've been trying all sorts of different products this month to try and ease my skin woes and I'm even considering investing in a humidifier so my skin can get that extra moisture boost it needs, winter is not the best time for my skin but luckily I have found some great products which have been helping me keep that healthy glow.

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream
This is the perfect cream for anyone who suffers with enlarged pores and greasy skin, although it feels quite light on your skin it really does reduce that oiliness and it smells so sweet to. After just a week of using it every night my skin felt so much healthier, my pores were reduced and it give me a nice healthy glow to despite not getting much sleep.  Great products like this is definitely why Skinfood is my favourite skincare brand!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Sounds kinda weird I know but trust me on this one. A while ago when my excema was at it's worst I was recommended to take apple cider vinegar tablets which for the time I was taking them did seem to help but those tablets can kinda be expensive so I stopped taking them. I recently picked this up on one of my shopping trips after reading about it on Gala's blog and I've been putting it in my food everyday and dabbing a little on blemishes and yes it has worked wonders on my skin and for a fraction of the cost of the tablets, I will admit it does taste kinda funky but it's totally worth so everyone give it a try!

Lip Ice Lip Balm
I found this one hiding at the bottom of my satchel, yet another random Watson's purchase I forgot I made but I'm glad it finally made it's way back to me as my lips have been super dry recently and this has been keeping them pretty well moisturised. I have the orange flavoured one which smells divine although it tastes kinda minty which is odd but I really do love that cool tingle it has on my lips.

The Body Show Coconut Shower Cream
I love just walking into my bathroom after a shower and still being able to smell that delicious coconut smell. The Body Shop makes such great shower creams, not only do they all smell great but they keep your skin moisturised and soft to, I just adore the smell of coconut so this one is definitely one of my faves.
Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Essence Mask Sheet
Surprisingly this is the first time I've tried out this mask and I'm not sure why that is because not only is the Peach Sake range my absolute favourite but it had such a great effect on my skin. These Skinfood sheet masks have a slightly spongy texture to them which retains more of the product and lets it absorb into the skin much better and after just a few minutes I could almost feel more pores shrinking and my skin feeling tighter. This mask is definitely a treat for this skin and something I will have to try again soon!

What products have you been loving this month? Be sure to share in the comments
Apples & Peaches

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