02 July 2011

Cupcakes & Ice Cream You Can't Eat!

by Christi
Some of you may already know I own an Etsy Shop and, after a little vacation break, have just reopened it. It's full of adorable lovingly handmade goodies which yes I handmade all by myself and although I don't normally do this I'm so excited about reopening that I just wanted to share a few of my new designs with you all.

I adore cupcakes they're possible the cutest most delicious things in the universe and one of my favourite things to craft, I always try to make each of my cupcake charms unique and add my signature clay rose to each one.

I love ice cream just as much as I love cupcakes and these are a brand new addition to my Etsy Shop. I've been working on the design for a while to try and get the look right and I'm so proud of how delicious they look, they'll make the perfect summer accessory.

For my special blog readers I'm offering a 15% discount off your order just enter ICECREAMCUPCAKE at the checkout and your discount will be automatically applied, this code is valid until the 31st July so be sure to get those orders in for quick the summer!

Summer Love & Cupcakes

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